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Flag of Saint Lucia
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The flag of Saint Lucia was adopted in March 1, 1967. The exact design has varied. The current flag is cerulean blue, with a gold isosceles triangle below a black arrowhead. The upper edges of the arrowhead have a white border. The flag was designed by Saint Lucian artist, Dunstan St Omer.

[1][2]Petit Piton, one of the peaks symbolized by the triangles in the flag

The blue color stands for the blue sky and blue ocean that surround the island, and for fidelity. Gold stands for sunshine and prosperity. The black and white portions symbolize racial harmony, although the majority of black shows the dominant influence of black culture over European culture. The triangle parts of the design are intended to evoke the Pitons, the island's two large peaks that rise from the ocean and are recognized symbols of the island.

As represented on the Government of Saint Lucia web page entitled "The Flag of Saint Lucia" the blue is RGB 99, 207, 254. The yellow is 255, 223, 0. The black and white are absolute, 0, 0, 0 and 255, 255, 255, respectively.

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